Sat, 15/10/2016 - 19:30

Haydn Nelson Mass, Te Deum - Granados - Martinu

Chandos Choir's Autumn concert on 15th October at St Andrews Coulsdon was a really interesting and challenging one, including a lovely mixture of superb music. HAYDN's well-known and thrilling Nelson Mass was enjoyed by all, and we were thrilled to perform his boisterous Te Deum, hoping to have inspired a few more choirs to add this fun, exciting and of course high quality short piece to their repertoire - it deserves to be better known. We introduced you to rarities from Granados and Martinu. Starting with GRANADOS, better known for guitar and classical compositions, a dark and serious 'Escena Religiosa' introduced the talent of JOSHUA ALBUQUERQUE on the violin, with NICK O’NEILL on the organ and ROBERT RANDALL on the piano. Joshua is clearly from a very musical family as his brother William played cello with us last year! Salve Regina’ was quiet and calmer, in the style of Palestrina.
We brought you MARTINU, a Czech composer, firstly an exciting, energetic Scherzo for piano showing his jazz influences (and Robert Randall’s energy!) and then with folk music ‘Legend of the Smoke from Potato Fires’ - a lovely cantata which our own Robert Randall has translated into English. Saturday’s performance was the premier of this new translation - and the first time the piece has been performed in the UK for more than 10 years.
We were delighted to enjoy flute, clarinet and French horn from LINDA PENN, MOIRA ROACH and many thanks go to NICK STONES who kindly stepped in at the last minute. Our lovely vocal soloists were SOPHIE LEVI, STEPHANIE SEENEY, JOSEPH DOODY and HARRY THATCHER.