The Downlands Trust is our 2019/20 charity

The Downlands Trust is a volunteer-run charitable trust formed in November 2008. Its objectives are to conserve the natural environment through management of the countryside, and to advance education in conservation across Northeast Surrey and adjoining parts of South London. A major focus is to look after the rare and environmentally important chalk grasslands on the North Downs through its support of the Downlands Partnership’s conservation grazing project, which currently manages over 150 sheep as well as goats and cattle. The Trust’s main activities are:

  • Raising funds (via memberships, donations and grant applications) for investment into the future of the local countryside.
  • Promoting the conservation, protection and improvement of the countryside.
  • Encouraging access to the countryside for all.
  • Promoting the health and social benefits of becoming involved in a local practical conservation work group.

For more information please go to Downlands Trust